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The Difference Between Premium and Regular Gas Simply stated, premium gas has a higher octane level than regular gasoline. The octane rating of gasoline determines how likely it is for engine combustion to occur at the wrong time. The higher the octane level, the less likely the combustion will occur at any time other than […]

What Dose a Cold Air Flow Intake do for Your Ride

   A cold air intake is a fairly inexpensive modification and a lot easier to install than most other engine mods. See more Car Engine Pictures. MIKE HARRINGTON/DIGITAL VISION/GETTY IMAGES In the on-going quest to make our vehicles more powerful and fun to drive, people have come up with some great aftermarket systems. Of […]

Savanna Little

  Savanna’s competitive spirit stems from fifteen years of equestrian competition. Her introduction into the world of motorsports, however, came through her professional modeling career. As a long time automotive enthusiast, Savanna loved working events, tradeshows, and races all over the country. It wasn’t until Nismo Fiesta in 2014, where she attended as a spokesmodel […]

History Lesson

Kunimitsu Takahashi (Shinjitai: 高橋 国光 Takahashi Kunimitsu, born Tokyo, January 29, 1940) is a Japanese former professional Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and racing driver. He is considered as the “father of drifting”. He was the chairman of the GT-Association, the organizers of the Super GT series, from 1993 to 2007 Kunimitsu Takahashi  Jim […]

Drift Tires

   Aftermarket Parts / Wheels and Tires The Best Drift Tires October 31, 2012 Drifting is a popular sport where drivers are encouraged to drive at high speeds to intentionally lose control. This results in the specially made drift tires losing control and sliding over the tracks for a good distance. The sport originated […]

A New Nissan GT-R Is Cheaper Than It’s Been In Years

It’s old. It weighs as much as an apartment building. It doesn’t have the fancy badge that usually comes with its price tag. Despite all that, the Nissan GT-R is still—still!—one of the fastest cars in the world, capable of beating giants in the six- and even seven-figure price range. It’s not cheap either, but for 2018, […]

What Is Drifting?

What is drifting? Basically, drifting is getting your car sideways down a road. It doesn’t sound very hard does it? Sounds a lot like power sliding (for all those who aren’t familiar with this term I have given information about it later on in this article) huh? Well it isn’t. It’s much more complex. Instead […]

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