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Look at that Tail Fin

Case in point: somebody asks about “spoilers” and how much force they produce, and Ryan Carlyle, a subsea hydraulics engineer, sets the record straight. The following is reposted with his permission and will hopefully educate more of you about how automotive aerodynamics work. To be blunt, most people putting body kits on consumer automobiles are […]

The RB Engine

The RB engine is a 2.0–3.0 L straight-6 four-stroke petrol/gasoline engine from Nissan, produced from 1985-2004. Nissan RB engine Overview Manufacturer Nissan (Nissan Machinery) Production 1985-2004 Layout Configuration Straight-six engine Displacement 2.0 L 2.4 L 2.5 L 2.6 L 2.8 L 3.0 L Valvetrain SOHC DOHC Combustion Turbocharger Single Garrett T3 Twin Garrett T28-type ceramic […]

Legal and Illegal Imports in Canada

Why does Transport Canada monitor vehicles imported into Canada? On September 1, 1971, Transport Canada began to enforce the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) by regulating the manufacture and importation of motor vehicles and certain motor vehicle equipment. The goal is to reduce the risk of death, injury and damage to property and the environment. […]

Put in an Aftermarket Exhaust

  Why Choose Aftermarket Exhaust Components? The factory exhaust system on your vehicle is designed to muffle sound as much as possible. This also means it restricts the flow of exhaust gases out of your engine, creating what’s called backpressure. While most engines require some backpressure to operate properly, it also robs power. Essentially, the […]

Looking For a Drift Car?

Matsuri Missile”: (Note Suitable Cars for this budget are now getting vary scarce, only a very limited amount of cars are coming up for sale) Common Vehicle Choice: S13/S14/RPS13/C33/A31/R32. The least you need to just get out and drive, with either aftermarket or Locked LSD, a bucket seat, and a set of aftermarket suspension. Turbo […]


Fifth Generation  Overview Production January 1998 – January 1999 Body and chassis Platform CP9A Related Mitsubishi Lancer Seventh generation Powertrain Engine 2.0 L 4G63T I4 Turbocharged Transmission 5-speed manual Dimensions Wheelbase 2,510 mm (98.8 in) Length 4,350 mm (171.3 in) Width 1,770 mm (69.7 in) Height 1,405–1,415 mm (55.3–55.7 in) Curb weight 1,260–1,360 kg […]

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